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Chitra Podcast #1 Élan Vital Mix

élan vital recordings is independent Macedonian music label releasing limited edition of handcrafted CDs and tapes from international artists focused on obscure aspects of sound, accompanied with carefully created artwork and video art. Each release will have limited CD or tape edition with hand numbered and stamped artwork. Sister label of post global recordings.

Curated and mixed by Toni Dimitrov. 01. Rhucle - Clear Ash (PANICDEMIA Compilation) 02. Sebby Kowal - Neon (Bright Spaces) 03. Keys for Eclipse - Drifting Nausea (Downpour) 04. Carlo Giustini - L'abbaglio (L’abbaglio) 05. Motorpig - Pale Visitor (Teaching A Fish To Fly) 06. Dionisaf - Walk on the Roof (Lost Rarities) 07. Grandbruit - Adaptation 1 (Adaptation) 08. WHΛLTHISИEY - Ghosts (Hearthisutra) 09. Krzysztof Kotlinski - The Boy In The Mirror (Black Rain) 10. Soloi Sounds - Translation (Another Perspective) 11. Biloba Green - # 123524 (Biloba Green) 12. 9VoltDisaster & Buja - Narcosis (Utopia Compilation) 13. Hymns57 - Hireath (Torschlusspanik)

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