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Paul Beaudoin – A Small Box of Secrets [CHITRA033]

A Small Box of Secrets, Chitra Records' latest ambient release, invites you to join in on an evocative journey through sound. This album is a deeply personal exploration of a world filled with subtle magic and introspective landscapes, whispering secrets of a post-apocalyptic terrain where hope persists amidst the quiet dismantling of a chaotic world.

You’ll find gentle, rhythmic pulses and long, sustained harmonies that weave together to create a nostalgic and futuristic auditory experience as you listen. Each track delicately balances quiet noises with serene melodies, painting vivid aural vistas that evoke cherished memories and expansive, tranquil horizons.

With A Small Box of Secrets, we hope to guide you through uncharted territories of sound, where every note reveals a hidden fragment of a forgotten past and offers a hopeful glimpse into the future. Perfect for ambient playlists and podcasts, this album invites you to lose yourself in these ambient textures and discover the secrets that lie within this intoxicating soundscape.

Paul Beaudoin is a dedicated, innovative, interdisciplinary artist who creates immersive ambient soundscapes. With a strong music composition and theory foundation, Paul’s work blends elements of magic, nostalgia, and futurism to produce unique and evocative listening experiences.

Paul’s compositions are marked by meticulous attention to detail and a passion for creating music that transports listeners to otherworldly realms. His work invites a deep, introspective journey, revealing hidden layers of meaning with each listen.

An innovative figure in ambient music, Paul Beaudoin continues to explore and push the boundaries of sound. He crafts pieces designed to be heard and felt, offering listeners a unique and immersive experience.

Produced and mixed by Paul Beaudoin

Mastered by Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf)

Cover picture by Paul Beaudoin with AI

Cover design by Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf)


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