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Chitra Podcast #13 Ambient Mix by KapTep

KapTep is the ambient\drone project from US-based producer Derek Carter. (Sullivan, Illinois). His compositions are a blend of synth layers, loops, effects, and field recordings with the intent of creating an ever-evolving soundscape. The concept behind the KapTep project was to try creating the style of emotional music that he wanted to listen to himself. Every track should evoke an emotion to which you can write your own story. Rain, static hiss, pops, and crackles are often the foundation layered under melancholy, dreamy compositions.

01. Hallmark 87 - Distance (Quiet Storms)

02. KapTep - Cesar (Overcast)

03. Sebby Kowal - Take This Moment (Take This Moment)

04. Soloi Sounds - Ridgeline (Currents)

05. Dionisaf - May (Twelve Months)

07. Ghostloop - Current (Convergence)

11. EugeneKha - Vampu (Gramel)

12. Demetrio Cecchitelli - Blue Night (Parallel Syntagm)

14. Knox - See You Around (Anechosis)

17. KapTep - 8 Decades Later (Unreleased)

18. Adrian Lane - We Are Not Alone (No Further Than the Present)

More surreal ambient music in our Spotify playlist


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