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Chitra Digest: April 2024

10 notable ambient releases of April.

Sebby Kowal – Everything Beautiful

Label: Lontano Series (Italy)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone #noise

Format: digital, CD

Beauty surrounds us everywhere, whether gazing at the sky or diving into the ocean, as there is beauty beneath the water's surface. Let's strive to discover beauty within ourselves and the world around us.

Marco Lucchi & Henrik Meierkord – Lieder Ohne Worte

Label: Chitra Records (USA)

Format: digital, CD

A testament to the interplay of this work together is that a listener might be hard-pressed to discern which of their recordings are the result of long-distance file-trading, and which occurred when the two managed to be in the same place at the same time.

Tim Six – Homing

Label: Atlantea Records (Belgium)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone #noise #newage

Format: digital, CD, cassette

Homing is the inherent ability of an animal to navigate towards an original location through unfamiliar areas.

Olli Aarni – Yö n​ä​kyy

Label: Dauw (Belgium)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone #noise #lofi

Format: digital, vinyl

The album comprises of 2 longform pieces where tape loops take a central place. Short snippets and longer waves gradually go back and forth and slowly build up spaces where the listener can settle in easily. The touching softness of his work does the trick again and depicts the unique voice of the artist.

Marine Eyes – To Belong

Label: Past Inside the Present (USA)

Genre, style: #ambient 

Format: digital, vinyl, CD

Through Bernard’s (aka Marine Eyes) meditative methods, belonging is approached as it should be: a rare and delicate sensation that might describe one’s place in the physical world, in the continuum of time, or in the arms of a loved one.

Arbee – Pr​é​visions

Label: Florina Cassettes (Canada)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone #noise

Format: digital, cassette

Deep dreamy meditative ambient in the new album by Mathieu Lamontagne. A very poetic work that needs to be thoroughly experienced.

Reflections of the Past - After Dark

Label: Ambient Soundscapes (Australia)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone

Format: digital

The Ambient EP After Dark by Reflections of the Past, immerses listeners in a nocturnal sonic landscape that evokes a sense of mystery and introspection.

Perry Frank & Brannan Lane – Oneironauts

Label: Mare Nostrum Label (France)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone

Format: digital

The new collaborative work by Perry Frank and Brannan Lane was released this April on Le Code's beautiful label.

Simon McCorry & Wodwo – Every Creeping Thing

Label: Whitelabrecs (UK)

Format: digital, CD

Every Creeping Thing is a celebration of mud and moss and slugs and bugs and roots and damp – songs of the forgotten, the small, the overlooked.

Anthéne – Present Tense

Label: Stereoscenic Records (USA)

Genre, style: #ambient #noise #lofi

Format: digital, CD

Still retains the signature Anthéne sound: a bit lo-fi, slow-paced layers building slowly to evoke a sort of stately beauty.


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