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KapTep recommends: Convergence by Ghostloop

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Ghostloop – Convergence

Label: Atlantea Records (Belgium), 2023

Genre, style: #ambient #drone

Format: digital

Recently I saw the release of Ghostloop on Atlantea Records. It is listed on Bandcamp as written and produced by Christoph Vogel. Not familiar with the name, I decided to check it out. Ghostloop did not disappoint. This is a very strong album.

The album opens with a short introduction track titled Missing Link which kind of sets the tone for the rest of the album. Long ambient pads wash over the listener, while distant percussion of unknown origin rumble. This is a precursor for what is to come.

From there Ghostloop takes us on a 45-minute sonic journey with tracks such as Englewood, Minerals, and the title track Convergence. At times some of these tracks sound like they would be as much at home in a Blade Runner soundtrack as they do in an ambient release. Sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes futuristic, always relaxing.

This album has everything I like. Ambient pads with slow attack and long release times. Filters seem to open and close throughout each track, while the reverb used gives the listener a sense of warmth and focus. Field recordings and various noises seem to come and go within each track in just the right places.

Ghostloop powers through this 45-minute release effortlessly, creating an ever-changing soundscape, mood, and vision.

Highly recommended listening for sure. I already want to hear more.

Reviewed by Derek Carter (KapTep)


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