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Chitra Podcast #7 Darren McClure Selected Mix

Darren McClure is a sound artist living in Matsumoto, Japan. His music folds together electronics, drones and processed field recordings to create pieces of minimal, abstract ambience.

Darren McClure’s work focuses on texture, space and atmosphere. Sound sources are both analogue and digital, hardware and software, incorporating found sounds and field recordings to lend an organic, tactile quality to the pieces.

01. In The Aisles (A Mere Fraction)

02. Red (36.238860, 137.968897) (Primary Locations)

03. Meridian [With Porya Hatami] (In​-​between Spaces)

04. Silver Week (Into Action)

05. Twilight Hit (Aki)

06. Slow Juno (On Opposites)

07. Future Harbour [With José Soberanes] (Future Harbour)

08. Perennial (Perennial / Negative Inversion)

09. Mound [With Arovane] (Nest)

10. Placebo Buttons (Elements One - Five (地 | 水 | 火 | 風 | 空))

11. Dream Long Day (00​:​32​:​00)

12. Mountains Reflected on the Surface of Fields (On The Edge Of Now)

13. Look At The Light (Slow Up, Speed Down)

14. Cyntr [With Uwe Zahn & Porya Hatami] (Ypsilon)

More surreal ambient music in our Spotify playlist

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