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Soloi Sounds – Frames [CHITRA007]

This album is a collection of sound sketches, in which individual elusive fragments of life appear in the aesthetics of Japanese kaiga painting. Captured pictures of nature and scenes of everyday life show us the uniqueness of the same images at different points in time. The unique and incomprehensible beauty of simple things.

Soloi Sounds (Japan)

Soloi Sounds aka Yosuke Goto is a musician and graphic designer based in Tokyo. He creates music using classic Japanese Roland synthesizers, field recordings, Taishogoto (a Japanese stringed instrument invented in the early 20th century), and toy instruments. His music conveys the spirit of ancient Japanese aesthetics of imperfect beauty through asynchronous rhythmic structures, polytonal harmony, and various noises. At the same time, the music of Soloi Sounds is deeply meditative and contemplative.

All sounds, field recordings and production by Yosuke Goto (Soloi Sounds)

Mastering by Yosuke Goto (Soloi Sounds)

Model in the photo – Vera Sidorova

Artwork and cover design by Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf)


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