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Ambient Hidden Gems #1 Lunaria, Kaptep, Banana Pill

In this section, we introduce little-known, but remarkable finds from the world of ambient. Many of the releases we're exploring here aren't even available on most streaming platforms. We intentionally don’t limit ourselves to any specific genre or time. Our goal is to help ambient fans and music lovers find unique underrated records for their collection or just to have a good time.

Lunaria – Asphodel Meadows

Label: Geology Records (USA), 2020

Genre, Style: #ambient #drone

Format: digital, cassette

Daniel Guillen is an unconventional ambient sound artist from Spain. Daniel prefers to release music under the stage name Lunaria on small labels. He received a classical education as a pianist and graduated in Hispanic (Spanish) Philology. His music is composed, as a rule, of long stringy synth pads, but at the same time it always has a harmonic development, that is, it never sounds monotonous. The artist claims that sacred organ, choral music, electronic and space music from the 70s and 80s have influenced his art, which is especially noticeable in Asphodel Meadows. I’d also like to note the influence of such themes as meditation, dreams, mysticism and mythology on the artist's work.

The album Asphodel Meadows traces us back to Greek mythology, in which the flower of Asphodel is associated with the afterlife and finding peace after death.

Kaptep – Overcast

Label: Tiny Drones For Lovers (Italy), 2022

Genre, style: #ambient #drone

Format: digital

Kaptep previously appeared on several compilations, including his ASMR track released on Chitra Records' Pacification charity compilation. So the Overcast can be considered his debut not a self-released album. Kaptep, aka Derek Carter, is an ambient sound artist from Illinois, the US. So far, we don’t know much about him, but perhaps we will in future.

The music is very textured, tangible and one might even say tactile. Deep reverb-filled pads combined with subtle, pleasant noises will help you unload your mind, meditate or just relax.

Banana Pill – Lilaea

Label: Mineral Tapes (USA), 2012

Genre, style: #folk #ambient

Format: cassette

Banana Pill is Sasha Kretova and Dmitri Zherbin, a Finnish experimental duo from Helsinki, who create unique soundscapes by combining synth and tape loops with violin, wind instruments, electric guitar and various percussion.

The Lilaea album consists of four water miniatures, the names of which refer to Russian folk tales, where it is customary to address natural phenomena in a personified mood expressed by diminutives and reduplication: Ruchei-rucheyok is a creek, Ozero-ozyorishko is a lake, More-moryshko is a sea, and Rechka-rechenka is a river.

Please share your impressions of these releases in the comments down below and feel free to suggest albums for our next reviews. Reviewed by Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf)

Edited by Iuliia Rychkova

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Александр Колмыков
Александр Колмыков
Dec 15, 2022

And this is interesting.

Where else can you find these tracks, maybe me would never know about them.

Thanks for your work.✌️👍🙏

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