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Orchestra Eclettica Sincretista – La Musica è Sacra [CHITRA028]

The album La Musica è Sacra is a studio remake of a performance given in Firenze on 2022, March 4th. Originally conceived as a tribute to the Italian songwriter Claudio Rocchi, it has become an ode to the spiritual power of Music.

Amazing eclectic ambient orchestra. Seven artists from three countries: Marco Lucchi, Marco Billi aka Jarguna, Dario Derek Lucchi, Ilaria Boffa and Massimo Amato from Italy; Henrik Meierkord from Sweden, and Wilfried Hanrath from Germany.

Marco Lucchi - mellotron, synthesizers and piano (1,2,4,5)

Marco Billi aka Jarguna - modular synthesizer and electronic percussions

Henrik Meierkord - cello, zither and synthesizer (4,5)

Dario Derek Lucchi - french horn (1,2,5)

Wilfried Hanrath - bass, electric guitar and drums (1)

Ilaria Boffa - voice (5)

Massimo Amato - synthesizers (5)

Mastered by Marco Billi (Jarguna)

Picture by Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf)

Artwork and cover design by Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf)


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