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Sebby Kowal: When you create ambient music, the possibilities are endless

What inspires you and what message do you put into your tracks?


The inspiration for my tracks comes from Japan. I have always loved that country, the respect that they have towards one another, honor and dignity. It is just a very positive place. I also find the inspiration for my music from my parents, who have passed away. They were my world. My mom and dad were always teaching me to find the best in people. The message I put in my tracks is that I want people just to be kind and respect one another so I try to keep my music as positive as possible.


Did you study music somewhere?


I went to college for a little while and I studied sound engineering, but then my mom passed away. I had to drop out.


When and how did you start creating your own music?


I started to create ambient music in 2021, I use FL Studio to create my music. I usually get sound packs and will start with one sound and stretch and twist the sound until it sounds to something I like. Then I usually put field recordings in my tracks to add texture and then add some more pads to make the track deeper. Some of my tracks are very minimal, other tracks can be very complex with so many layers depending on how I feel. I believe when you create ambient music, the possibilities are endless.


Tell me about your field recordings, how and where do you get them? I get my field recording from sound packs. When I get my field recordings, I like to stretch them to however long the track is, which could be 3 minutes to an 8-minute track. I also like to layer them on top of each other to make the song unique and something new. You release a lot of music. Do you compose every day? I compose music when I feel Inspired. Sometimes I will work on multiple projects in a day, a little bit here and there. I can work on a track for 6 hours until I feel musically drained for the day. What music do you listen to for inspiration? I like to listen to a little bit of every type of music. Of course ambient music. The first ambient track I listened to was Brian Eno's An Ending Ascent back in 2007 when I was a kid. I have really gotten into Dub Techno music. Deepchord aka Rod Modell music is so good. He has been a big inspiration for me. I think the first time I listened to Deepchord was probably 2 years ago. But over this past year, Dub Techno has been big for me.

Speaking of Dub Techno. Have you recently released some works in this style? Yes! I have had a Dub Techno EP called Under The Trees on Drift Deeper Recordings that came out in March and a single track called Component N29 that is part of a series called Components on the label Spacelunch (Spclnch) that came out in late January. I also have a track called Skytree on a various artists compilation on the label Piranha Siberia Dub that was released on June 19. Do you think you have already found your style or are you still searching? Actually, yes, I have found my style. Ambient and Dub Techno. I think the two work so well with one another. With ambient music, you can just close your eyes and drift away. Dub Techno music you can either dance to or have it on in the background. I think both are great headphone music. In my opinion, using headphones or a great sound system are the best way to listen to these genres, so you can hear all the details in the tracks. A really great listening experience! If you could record a collaboration with anyone, who would it be? Probably Brian Eno. He is like the godfather of ambient music!

Interviewer – Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf)

Photos from Sebby's archive

Edited by Edited by Iuliia Rychkova


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