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Chitra Podcast #2 Tiny Drones for Lovers Mix

Tiny Drones for Lovers is independent Italian music label focused on ambient, drone and minimalistic music and releasing digital albums and compilations of artists from all over the world. It is music to slow down everyday life.

Curated and mixed by Luca Tommasini.

01. Nymph­alida - Riflessi (Se­lected Ambient Works From Italy) 02. Aless­andro Barbanera - Al­gorithmic Reproducti­on of Our Lives (A Tiny Tribute to Lou Ottens) 03. Demet­rio Cecchitelli - Ne­ptune (Music for Ser­gei compilation) 04. Nel Ventre dell’Orsa - Cer­vi Volanti (Selected Ambient Works From Italy) 05. Macro­gramma - Double Prel­ude (A Tiny Tribute to Lou Ottens) 06. Dioni­saf - Mountain King (Skazka) 07. Memory of Sho - Before Th­is Fire (Life at The Seaside) 08. Cheli­don Frame - Beams of Night (A Tiny Tribute to Lou Ottens) 09. A Dis­tant Shore - Untitled (2020-2021) 10. Phoan - Primary Instincts (Music for Sergei Compilation) 11. tabac­he - Atmo (Teeming Meadow)

Listen to ambient music for work, study and relaxation in our Spotify playlist


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