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Demetrio Cecchitelli – Towards the Unknown [CHITRA025]

As an experimental practice with given instrumentation made of guitars, piano, and transverse flute melted with electronic processing, ‘Towards the Unknown’ from ambient artist and composer Demetrio Cecchitelli evokes vast arrays of deep listening and active sound creations. A miscellaneous of various recordings from 2017 to late 2023, little or extended pieces in which a loosely inspired attitude from post-rock and new-folk mixed with contemporary and electroacoustic music merge together. Drone music in its instrumental version, as a soundtrack of a journey into nowhere lands or spiritual, now ancient views - today the record signs a new development for the promising Italian musician.

Demetrio Cecchitelli (Italy) Demetrio Cecchitelli (1997) is a composer and musician mainly active in the field of electronic and electroacoustic music. Released on Healing Sound Propagandist, Whitelabrecs, Sounds Against Humanity, among others. He has collaborated with theatre company Motus and the director Cecilia Lentini. I would call my sound "dronegaze" [Interview with Demetrio Cecchitelli] All tracks were produced by Demetrio Cecchitelli Mastered by Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf) Photo by Demetrio Cecchitelli Artwork and cover design by Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf)


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