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Chitra Records

Surreal music for a deep listening experience

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New release
by Marco Lucchi & Henrik Meierkord

A testament to the interplay of this work together is that a listener might be hard-pressed to discern which of their recordings are the result of long-distance file-trading, and which occurred when the two managed to be in the same place at the same time.
Marco Lucchi & Henrik Meierkord - Warum

Enjoy good music with us

Chitra is an ancient name for the bright star Spica, which is a part of the Virgo constellation. The ancient astronomers and astrologists considered the diamond and the pearl to be the symbols of that star as images of perfection. Chitra is the star of creative inspiration and tireless pursuit of the ideal.

We release experimental ambient music aimed at a deep listening experience. We try to find the most interesting, individual, and unique artists around the world and present their works on a variety of platforms and convey to the listener the value of such contemplative, deep, and meditative music. We also release each album on physical media (CD, audio cassettes, or vinyl).

Our goal is to create a permanent audience with a good taste and love for art around our label and make sure our artists’ work is fully appreciated.

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Our Partners

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