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Chitra Podcast #15 Ambient Cat Sneak Peek Mix

Ambient Cat is a new sub-label of Chitra Records, curated by Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf) and Derek Carter (KapTep). The mix features tracks from the label's already released albums, as well as from upcoming releases.

01. Dionsaf - Tantric Cat (Healing Music)

02. Le Code - Looking to the Sky (Early Morning)

04. Blanket Swimming - Flight from Neptune (Seeing the Circles Above)

05. Michael D. Tidwell & Ghostloop - Omicron (Omicron)

06. Piscean Daydreams - Schumann Resonance (ReGenesis)

07. Sacred Seeds - Missing Space (Between Spaces)

08. Doinsaf & Suseti - Inner Youth (Solar Punk)

09. Christian Alsemgeest - Tides (Scene 1) (Scenes)

10. Zen Lemon - Esmee (Remedy for a Broken Mind)


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