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Chitra Podcast #14 Ambient Mix by Ghostloop

Ghostloop about himself:

"Coming from a drum and bass background (first release 2003). Took a producing journey from dnb to house over techno. Doing an ambient project was a long-standing wish. In 2023 I got in touch with Atlantea and they encouraged me to do a debut album for them. In my productions, I include a lot of field recordings layered with samples I dug from old vinyl combined with synthesizers and a lot of reverb. Most of the time there are basslines as well because of my dnb past".

01. Dionisaf - Cyclops (Ulysses)

03. Jon Hopkins - Love Flows Over Us in Prismatic Waves (Music For Psychedelic Therapy)

05. Fionnlagh - An Endless Horizon (Beyond The Void)

06. Sensitizer - Space Cities (From Space Radio)

07. Ghostloop - Convergence (Convergence)

08. SLVBRD - Seas [Stilhed Remix] (The Waves (Remodel))

10. Logic Moon - Bergen (Oblivion)

11. Soloi Sounds - Move (Currents)

13. Sebby Kowal - Skylight (Formations)

14. Orageorange - Lullaby for Lox (An Isle Full of Noises)

15. Francis Gri - Vento (Argine)

More surreal ambient music in our Spotify playlist


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