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Chitra Podcast #11 Ambient Mix by Hesh

Hesh is a traveler. He spent the last few years between Leeds, Brussels, Berlin, and Maastricht and is now back in Brussels. While traveling, he studied music in depth, discovering a deep passion for environmental sound.

His musical journey started with house music and drifted away to acousmatic music, soundscapes, and ankle-breaking techno.

Enjoy an unusual DJ set that travels through time and space.

01. Owl - Moonshine Haze (Infinite Horizon)

02. Biloba Green - # 50C878 (Biloba Green)

03. Asfa - Limen Apostolorum (Perniciem)

04. Robert Takahasi Crouch - El Capitan (An Occupied Space)

07. Ataxy - Blue Hour (Peaks)

09. Keys for Eclipse - Eventually (UTOPIA Compilation)

10. Ivano Pecorini - I Have Never Realized It Was You (I Have Never Realized It Was You)

11. Xylème - Opening (The Zanskar Experience)

14. Adhémar - Oscuro [Upcoming on Initiate Records]

15. Jon Hassell - Moons of Titan (Seeing Through Sound (Pentimento Volume Two))

16. Tom Ellis - Sixth Particle (Life in Ostinato)

17. Xylème - World’s Two Face (The Zanskar Experience)

Deep ambient music for sleep in our Spotify playlist


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