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Chitra Podcast #10 Ambient Mix by Menzurrr

Menzurrr, a Сzernowitz based selector, Gasoline Radio resident and host of a migrating weekly 2hrs show called UA ear-catching overwrought focused on Ukrainian dj's and musicians, is known for his "genreless" approach.

Gasoline Radio bi-weekly show is called No-Go-Zone and is aimed at bombarding the listener with marginal-obscure weirdness and journeys beyond musical canons. Also he is an Aaja Music resident (second Thursday of every month at 11 am - 1 pm on channel 2).

01. Eluvium - One (Talk Amongst the Trees)

02. Exploring Jezebel - Luckily I Was Allowed To Get Dressed When I Left The House (On A Business Trip To London)

03. Helm - Fields (Impasse)

04. Raum - Walk Together (Daughter)

05. Mytrip - Warmth Patterns (Astrokultura)

06. Glochids - Washier Pulse (Ni Fila)

07. Less Instructions - First Step (Price Of Calm)

08. Waller & Xato - Doubtful Mercy (Collapse)

09. SPRRW - Find Me In The Pond At Night (The Warmest Hum)

10. Restive Plaggona - Saedda Anfas (Rojava's Model)

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