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Chitra Podcast #12 Ambient Mix by niuee

niuee is a Berlin-based duo creating immersive and meditative ambient soundscapes, intricately fused with elements of dance music and live instrumentation. Drawing inspiration from diverse musical genres and cultures, their signature sound is characterized by its dreamy and experimental nature, while evoking strong tribal and psychedelic undertones.

01. Patricia Wolf - The Grotto (See​-​Through)

02. Laraaji - Bethlehem (Segue To Infinity)

03. Blue Chemise - Celeste (Daughters Of Time)

04. Hideo Nakasako - lie down (daydream)

05. JahJazz - Dreaming (Espectrum II)

06. Roméo Poirier - Neos Kosmos (Inter​-​Dimensional Music)

07. Iasos - Aries (Peaks)

08. niuee - moondance (single)

09. Rezo Glonti - Plants of Ain Sukhna (Subtropics)

More surreal ambient music in our Spotify playlist

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