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Chitra Digest: June 2024

10 notable ambient releases of June.

Federico Durand – Té De Flores Silvestres

Label: IIKKI (France)

Format: digital, vinyl, CD, fine art book

Té De Flores Silvestres is the result of the dialogue between the Belgium photographer Michael Roemers and the Argentinian musician Federico Durand initiated by IIKKI, between February 2023 and May 2024.

Christian Alsemgeest – Dream Station

Label: Ambient Cat (USA)

Genre, style: #ambient #postrock

Format: digital

Deep dreamy soundscapes with sensual atmospheric guitar melodies. The second release on this label from the Dutch artist.

Sebby Kowal – We Are One

Label: Chitra Records (USA)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone #noise #lofi

Format: digital, CD, cassette

Contemplative meditative laconic ambient by Sebby Kowal tells us that we are all one and must learn to see the good in each other.

Bahía MansaRuralia

Label: Florina Cassettes (Canada)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone #noise #lofi

Format: digital, cassette

This album is inspired by Monet's Falaise de Pourville, le matin, featured on the cover. This creation came about during a time when an artist was deeply immersed in exploring the virtues of rural life as an alternative to the industrial impact on society.

Dionisaf & Le Code – Ocean Punk

Label: Ambient Cat (USA)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone #noise

Format: digital

Second collaboration of the sci-fi punk series with Dionisaf. Imagine a world covered in water. The only place where people can now live is underwater cities.

Demetrio Cecchitelli – Jump

Label: Dronarivm (Netherlands)

Format: digital, cassette

The album begins with a reminiscence of the sea, reverberating waves and suspended echoes of distant, almost forgotten territories. Curved vibrations, nocturnal environments mixed with contemporary research attitudes within the world of liminal/drone music.

Ard Bit & Radboud Mens – Marking A Boundary With The Turning Point

Label: Shimmering Moods Records (Netherlands)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone #noise

Format: digital, CD

This album is about the tension between the horizontal and vertical musical events. The horizontal create an illusion of immobility, but within this apparent silence the small acoustic events introduce an elusive dynamic. What one listener perceives as an inconspicuous sonic detail can consider another as the focal point of his auditory experience.

Tapes and Topographies – Plumage

Label: Lontano Series (Italy)

Format: digital, CD

Moving away from the lighter, minimal synth aesthetic of previous release Microtones, Plumage explores a darker mood, densely populated with a rich palette of atmospheric samples. Milky dreamlike tones with recurring themes of water and travel create a nocturnal journey through a somnambulistic state.

Ghostloop – What We've Become

Label: Atlantea Records (Belgium)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone

Format: digital, cassette

This album blends organic field recordings with immersive soundscapes. Reflecting on themes of aging and acceptance, each track offers a rich, textured experience, weaving natural sounds with dusty samples. This deeply personal work invites listeners to reflect on their own journeys.

Color of Time – Color of Time II

Label: Past Inside the Present (USA)

Genre, style: #ambient #drone

Format: digital, vinyl, CD

This album was described as a vehicle for exploring shared concerns about the state of the world, particularly climate change, an inspiration that appears with abundance in II’s powerful, but fragile, constructions.


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