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New Ambient Label

A new music label called Ambient Cat announces the start of accepting demo recordings from ambient artists. The only requirement is that the sound is pleasant. Music should be relaxing or even healing.


  • Ambient Cat is a division of Chitra Records, so the terms of the contract are the same (exclusive rights and 50% from all streaming platforms (except Bandcamp and Soundcloud), plus promotion through music bloggers, radio stations, playlists, and podcasts at the expense of the label).

  • We will be releasing music frequently so we won't make cassettes or CDs, but we hope to release some albums on vinyl in the future.

  • Submit 2-3 tracks minimum; the whole album should be at least 10-20 minutes long (EP or LP). There is no limit to how long your album can be. If you only have one track, we suggest you submit it for a compilation.

  • We plan to regularly collect tracks for compilations and release them as we have a sufficient number of tracks.

  • Don't worry if your tracks haven't been mastered because we provide in-house mastering as well.

  • Your tracks will remain on our Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud playlists for months.

  • We will do interviews with the most popular artists on our website.

Send your demos here: (We accept private links to SoundCloud or Google Drive). The required file format is .wav (24 bit).

Label Managers: Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf) and Derek Carter (KapTep)


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