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zYklen – Palace of Chords [CHITRA023]

Palace Of Chords was recorded throughout 2022. The ten songs combine the textures of field recordings (captured while walking), voices, reed and string instruments, supported by synthesis and audio manipulation, creating a musical experience inspired by nature. The running order is conceived as a day and night spent trekking coast, wood and moorland, each song leading into the next; with the final track linking back to the first in a seamless loop.

Official video by Derek Carter (KapTep):

zYklen (UK)

zYklen, aka Simon Ferris, grew up by the coast in West Cornwall and currently resides on the edge of the Tamar River. The coastline of South West England provides endless inspiration and has always played a huge part in his life. The gradual unfolding of the seasons, inter-connected cycles that we witness for a fraction of time. When returning to the studio he captures an impression of places and times, evoking an atmosphere, transporting the listener in some manner.

All tracks were produced by Simon Ferris (zYklen)

Mastering by Simon Ferris

Photo by Simon Ferris

Artwork and cover design by Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf)


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