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Chitra Podcast #3 Secret Press Mix

secret press is a Czech limited editions cassette label focused on mind-altering ambient music and meditative drones.

Curated and mixed by Vlas Blear Moon.

01. leastupperbound - tape # I (domestic tapes Vol. II) 02. Drifting In Silence - Preconscious Mind (False Awakening) 03. Мицелий - Возвращение домой (Путевые заметки) 04. Glacial Anatomy - Sub pool unknown (Transient) 05. Blear Moon - Watching tower (Expanding lands) 06. - Blu Notte (Heimat) 07. Memory Wound - Falling Rocks On Treetops (contemplatives II) 08. Carlos Ferreira - The Way Home (contemplatives III) 09. Chelidon Frame - Granularity VI (Elegy for A Tree) (contemplatives III) 10. Tomonari Nozaki - wave III (waves) 11. Cape Willoughby Road - Flying carpet (Calipso)

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