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KapTep – The Perfect Error [CHITRA030]

Wander – Wander through nature, the city, or airports, but wander with intent.

Collateral Benefit – The word that unfortunately usually follows Collateral is damage.

NPN Reel – “Negative Positive Negative” as in the transistor. It’s a transistor, not an outlook.

Fields of Peace – Open fields, birds, insects, this is a happy place to be. Hello, summer.

Eight Decades Later – I wish I could remember.

The Other Side of the Glass – Funny how perspectives can change by adding a pane of glass.

Monochrome Glow – Bask in the glow and anticipation as you listen to the hiss of your 14.4k baud rate modem. This is the future.

Slew Rate – Defined as The maximum rate at which an amplifier can respond to the sudden change of input level. Sometimes life works this way as well.

Official video by Derek Carter (KapTep):

Official video by Derek Carter (KapTep):

KapTep is the ambient\drone project from US-based producer Derek Carter (Sullivan, Illinois). Always fascinated with sound and sound design his love of synthesizers began at an early age. His compositions are a blend of synth layers, loops, effects, and field recordings with the intent on creating an ever-evolving soundscape. The concept behind KapTep is to try creating the style of emotional music that he wanted to listen to himself. Every composition should evoke an emotion to which you can write your own story. Rain, static hiss, pops, and crackles are often the foundation layered under melancholy dreamy compositions.

Produced and mixed by Derek Carter (KapTep)

Mastered by Pat at Coefficient Mastering, UK

Picture by Derek Carter (KapTep) with AI

Artwork and cover design by Dionis Afonichev (Dionisaf)


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